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Wedding Window is a way to build a website that is tailored specifically for your wedding.  These websites can prove to be not only fun to build, but actually help you plan and manage your wedding as well as communicate with friends and family and even create a budget.  Along with giving you a chance to build a website about your wedding, there are also a number of planning tools as well as an easy-to-use shop to help you get supplies.

There are six packages to choose from which range from completely free to $139 for two years.  They are Simple (free/1 year), Sweet ($39/1 year), Sassy ($59/1 year), Smitten ($79/1 year), Smart ($99/1 year), and Savvy ($139/2 years).   There are also a number of free and premium features, available pages, planning tools, and apps.  If you purchase a package which is not have the premium features you want, you can also purchase many of them individually.  This can prove particularly useful if you want to create a free website, but need access to a select few additional tools.

The Simple a package provides access to only the free tools and features.  This includes a 14 page website, use of the free apps and themes, and online RSVP tool, and some photo customization.  As you move up in packages, you will also get storage space for audios and videos, premium themes, photo effects for your pictures, additional website customization abilities, and lower prices on the keepsake download and keepsake CD.  You will also get access to premium web applications and more available pages for your website.

For many people, the additional pages that they get access to is one of the primary reasons that they upgrade their Wedding Window account.  While there are some free pages which are essential, such as the guest-book, blog, waiting events, and welcome page, there are also some very helpful premium pages too.  For example, there is a music request form, dedications, address book, and calendar of events which can all make planning and managing your guest list much easier because it can all be done from a centralized location.  Plus, with everything online it will be easier for your friends and family to get the most up-to-date information possible without having to play phone tag with you during this busy time.

There are a few premium wedding planning tools at Wedding Window that can be helpful such as the ability to create “Save the Date” eCards and sending email broadcasts to your entire guest list.  At the same time, a majority of the most useful planning tools are included for free.  For example, you can generate a checklist of wedding related tasks, track your budget, and even entering compare bids from potential for selected vendors.  You can even use the calendar to create reminders for yourself that will be automatically e-mailed to you.

Review of Wedding Window

Overall, Wedding Window seems to provide you with all the tools you need to build a customized wedding website as well as give you a variety of helpful tools to plan and manage her wedding.  While there are a number of premium features made available, many of the free tools can prove to be the most helpful.  In terms of overall functionality, the free account will meet the needs of most people.  On the other hand, in terms of overall design, the ability to customize certain elements, and easily communicate with guests, the premium accounts definitely offer a solid value.

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